Bryggeri: Thai Beverages

Alkohol : 5 %

Variant : Pale Lager

Indhold: 320 ml.

Keg and bottle: Filtered. Ingredients: 100% malt ThaiBev stopped production of Chang Beer, Chang Draught, and Chang Export in 2015. A new product, Chang Classic, was launched, with production shared between ThaiBev’s three breweries. The recipe was changed to include rice, previously only used in the domestic 6.4% version. It is sold as 5.5% abv in some markets. "With its attractive taste and a price that appealed to consumers at all levels, the response and success of Chang marked a new era and turned a new page for the Thai beer industry. In 1998 Beer Chang was awarded the “Gold Medallion” at the International Beer Competition in Australia in the category of “Lager, Unlimited Degree”.

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