Bryggeri: Brasserie {C}

Alkohol : 6,2 %

Variant : Pale Ale

Indhold: 330 ml.

“Like with our Torpah beers, at the brewery we like to develop “single hop” beers, so with Smash {C} we wanted to keep that concept and push it further. In fact in addition of being a single Hop (100% Mosaic hop) Smash {C} is also a Single Malt beer (100% Pale Ale malt), composition which explain its name Smash {C} = Single Malt and Single Hop from Brasserie {C}. The idea with Smash {C} was to offer the richness of aromas brought to the beer from a large quantity of hop while avoiding the bitterness that hop brings to beer most of the time.”

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