Heavy Mental

Heavy Mental


Bryghus: Amager Bryghus

Alkohol: 9,4 %

Variant : Imperial IPA

Indhold: 330 ml.

The more we feel encouraged to follow our true nature, the more it becomes evident that different people get off on different things. From foodies to metal heads to snout juice addicts, it is clear there is a a fetish (and a market) for basically every existing thing in the world. In our particular niche, we have the so-called beer geeks. If you remember times when music wasn’t mostly synthetic shit, you probably have memories of people who would line up for a concert days in advance, parked outside a venue with snacks, a beach chair, a lot of free time and often very little self-respect. Eventually, Apple claimed rights to that nonsense. Today, beer fanatics worldwide have developed similar sentiments when it comes to styles, specific releases by certain known breweries, or simply out of the urge of having more ticks than their buddies. Needless to say, things have escalated to a heavily mental state, as if there is some sort of drug high or sexual satisfaction involved in that new untappd badge or that eight hour line for a 4-pack. Luckily for us – and you – we are a modest hillbilly brewery on the outskirts of Copenhagen, so you don’t have to worry about being shamed, ripped off or seen as a junkie when consuming our stuff. We will give you the eventual haze (you may need to shake the bottle), throw in some Cryo, and even pitch some fancy yeast just for your pleasure. And we wouldn’t dare tell you what you should and should not be drinking, ever! Because mental we may be.

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